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Monetary Policy Analysis

Monetary Policy Analysis – The World of Central Banks

The extremely loose monetary policy gains ground again. A simple monetary policy analysis of any central bank tells us...

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FOMC Meeting Date

FOMC Meeting Date – Waiting for the Fed

Another FOMC Statement looms on the horizon. This time, the atmosphere is both special and historical. The FOMC meeting...

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Currency Chart Real Time

Currency Charts Real Time – U.S. Dollar on the Move

Here’s what happened lately with the currency charts in real-time. USD pushes higher against all its major counterparts. Furthermore,...

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Next FOMC Meeting

Next FOMC Meeting – Waiting for the NFP

The next FOMC meeting is interesting, to say the least. Last month the US Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) surprised to...

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Daily Forex Fundamental Analysis

Daily Forex Fundamental Analysis – Unemployment in Eurozone

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. Unemployment is a big problem in Eurozone. Since the financial crisis...

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Forex Fundamentals

Forex Fundamentals – UK, the Pound and Scotland

It’s not an everyday sight when Scotland has more influence over the GBPUSD exchange rate. Yet another proof Forex...

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euro to dollar history

Euro to Dollar History – Waiting for the ECB

Another month passed and nothing new to the Euro to Dollar history. This Thursday we will hear once again...

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Forex Success Stories

Forex Success Stories – What To Expect Out Of FOMC and RBNZ This Week

What a week in front of us! The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) in the United States and the...

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UK Economy

The UK Economy – Healthy Growth or Just a Trap?

Every major central bank in the world is engaged in some kind of easing monetary policy. As the only...

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September Tapering and the US Dollar

More than one big investment houses call now for the Fed to start tapering the quantitative easing program. While...

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