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Forex Trading Training – What Makes a Good Forex Trading Course

Retail traders come to the Forex market having unrealistic expectations. They lack Forex trading training.

The funny thing is that everyone knows that. Even retail traders. Or, at least they should be aware.

A simple Internet search tells you the truth. Statistically, most retail traders fail.

They fail for various reasons. One is human nature. Other, is a lack of proper education. Even a lack of time counts.

But, the market doesn’t care. The numbers tell us over ninety percent of retail traders fail on their first approach to Forex trading.

Brokers, of course, know that. They’ll trade against their customers’ positions (market makers). Or, they’ll route only part of their clients’ orders to liquidity providers.

For the retail trader, there are two ways for proper Forex trading training:

Both options are expensive. But, the later one comes with one significant advantage: the time it takes to learn to trade.

As humans, our ego is far larger than we like to admit. Why should anyone tell me how to do it when I can do it myself?

Well, there are several reasons for it. The most important one is that the Forex market is in constant change.

By the time you’ll learn on your own, the “devil” already changed. This fast-paced environment transforms continuously.

This article aims to present the advantages of Forex mentoring. We’ll cover, among others:

  • What is Forex trading training?
  • Particularities of currency trading
  • Forex mentoring on Capital Properties FX
  • A detailed explanation of our Forex training course
  • Pros and cons of trading Forex
  • How to enroll in private Forex coaching on Capital Properties FX

Forex Trading Training


What is a Forex Trading Training Program?

Before anything, make sure you understand what Forex is. Firstly, it is not a video game.

Real people with real money come and change hands every day. No hard feelings, no nothing.

Some win, some lose. Unfortunately, most retail traders lose.

Secondly, the Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. Over five trillion dollars change hands daily.

Do you know how much of this turnover belongs to retail traders? Just a little over five percent. 5%!

That brings to attention the other market players. The ones that matter, like:

  • Central and commercial banks
  • Liquidity providers
  • Forex brokers
  • Hedge funds
  • High net worth individuals
  • High-frequency trading companies

And, the list can go on. The six lines above make, plus some other players, are responsible for 95% of the daily five trillion dollars turnover.

Can you make it in this world? If the answer is yes, consider these players:

  • Have bigger capital
  • Have research departments that work for them
  • Afford to be wrong for a while
  • Have access to the latest technology in the industry

Finally, all the parties come together in the Forex arena. Everyone wants the same thing. To make a profit. Including some central banks that have private shareholders.

Still, think you can make it on your own? Good luck. It’s a tough road. But, not impossible.

For a shortcut, a private Forex coaching might work best.

Ins and Outs of a Forex Mentorship Program

A Forex trading training program has many advantages. First, there’s a road someone already traveled.

That’s translating into a time not wasted to learn on your own. Plus, money saved in the process.

Second, the industry is so complex, that no approach is like another. Forex training depends greatly on the Forex mentor.

Forex Trading

But, not only. It matters much what you bring to the table too.

Finally, a currency trading course doesn’t guarantee success. There’s no holy grail in trading, no secret formula.

It depends very much on you, and your efforts. Everything is possible. But, not many can do it.

When applying for a trading course, make sure it is a private one. The more people, the worse.

Look for private sessions. While more expensive, it is the only way to ask all the questions you need.

And, to make sure you understand the answers. Trading courses vary in time and price.

Moreover, they vary in size. Some will teach you an easy way to scalp.

Others will focus on various trading theories. And others will make you understand the market.

That’s the key to a Forex trading training program. To make you, as a trader, understand the market and the forces behind it.

And, moreover, to make you understand yourself. In the end, no one can control your actions.

You may be an excellent learner. But, when it comes to the actual trading, you may be greedy. Or, very cautious.

As such, it is not about the learning process. But, about you as a person. Your personality matters as much as learning Forex trading.

Forex Mentoring on Capital Properties FX

The Forex mentorship program on Capital Properties is unique in many ways. What traders learn here, doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Moreover, our Forex trading training program is private. 100% private, one-on-one Forex trading mentorship.

Training Trading Course

The idea behind it is to assess each person’s knowledge first. Then, to set tailor-made Forex training programs for each part of the big course. Finally, everything considers practice.

For example, one of our day trading mentoring program pillars is the Elliott Wave Theory. But, many retail traders have an idea about what it is.

They come to us without having an open mind. In this case, we’ll start from scratch. The way we look at the Elliott Wave Theory is unique.

However, we won’t cover currency trading basics with people already in the business. We take it a step forward from where they are.

And, we had traders from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, etc. But, we also had beginners, people that tried to make it for a while, and don’t want to waste time anymore.

The theory is one thing. But the key is with how to apply the knowledge in the market.

We encourage our students to be curious. To inquire. To ask questions. After all, learning is a two-way street. We welcome engaging and curious minds.

Learn Forex Technical Analysis – Different Ways to Use Technical Indicators

From the start, we won’t waste anyone’s time. We’ll jump in presenting a unique way of dealing with one of the most popular technical indicators.

In doing that, we won’t even change the default settings. However, we’ll modify the way you look at the market. And, the way to interpret these indicators.

You’ll learn to trade using a simple approach, and there’s a reason why this represents the start of our Forex trading training program. After the first four to five sessions, you’ll see the power of it. And, you’ll have plenty of time to practice on your own.

Moreover, we’ll update the setups at the start of every upcoming session. It is not seldom that traders keep paper profits and count the pips for the whole six months the Forex trading mentorship takes place. The results blow minds.

Forex Trading Course

This is just one of the Forex trading strategies that work part of the Forex trading training program. Until its end, you’ll learn much more.

Learn to Trade Forex Using a Pattern Recognition Approach

When opening a new trade, there’s a reason behind it. Either technical or fundamental, it represents the trigger.

We’re technical traders. Above all, we believe in historical prices. As such, a pattern recognition approach is the base of the Forex trading training course we offer.

Such an approach just doesn’t exist anywhere else. What we’ve done, is to continue the work of other technical traders from the last century. And, we’ve adapted it to our times. Or, to the Forex market.

Any pattern recognition approach deals with…patterns. That means historical patterns that form on different timeframes.

To understand historical trends, we must have historical prices. As such, one of the first things to look at is how to access historical data.

As mentioned earlier, our primary trading tool is the Elliott Wave Theory. It is the only one to incorporate the time element in an analysis.

But, Ralph Elliott developed it in the 1940s. And, it did that studying the stock market.

However, it is the best-known interpretation of human behavior when it comes to investing. Hence, it still works, if trading keeps its human touch.

We all know how different the Forex market nowadays is. Moreover, the market players differ too.

Therefore, the way the market appears to us changed too. It is one thing to analyze the stock exchange in the 1940s. And, a different one to count the current Forex market waves.

When learning Forex technical analysis with Capital Properties FX, you are sure to learn something new. We brought the Elliott Wave Theory to the 21st century!

You’ll end up being able to analyze a currency pair just like on the image below. And, it’s not even that complicated as it seems.

Forex Mentoring

Elliott Wave Theory on our Forex Learning Site

Among Forex training programs, we proud ourselves with how we approach the market. In time, great minds took the Elliott Wave Theory to new dimensions.

No one studied the Forex market implications on the Elliott concepts. Our approach doesn’t bend the original rules. Only interprets the patters considering the high-volatility environment given by the current Forex market conditions.

The Elliott Wave Theory is a logical process. We’ll build it using a consistent approach too.

From scratch, we’ll cover the currency trading basics with the Elliott Theory. You’ll need an open mind, as the concepts we introduce are hard to believe.

Not impossible to understand. But, difficult to comprehend such a thing, like, for instance, a running correction, may even be possible. When, in reality, it is the most common patterns in today’s Forex market.

Learn Forex Day Trading with Andrews Pitchfork

Dr. Andrew’s Pitchfork is one of the most underrated tools in technical analysis. However, we use it to:

  1. Define dynamic support and resistance levels
  2. Project future impulsive waves
  3. Have an educated guess about the end of a move

But, we don’t use it as a single tool. We integrated it with the Elliott Wave Theory.

For Andrew’s Pitchfork, the biggest problem is to set the pivot points correctly. Or, the original points of the Pitchfork.

So far, regardless of the interpretation you encounter, there’s no such agreement in technical analysis. With the help of Elliott’s analysis, we combined the two elements to benefit from their power.

Trading Courses

Money Management – The Pillar of Any Forex Trading Course

There’s no such thing as a sure trade. As such, there’s always a risk involved.

Because of that, the first and most adamant task is to control the risk. Only after that, one should look at the potential reward.

This is what we strive for. Many times, retail traders have an excellent idea. One that makes money and looks promising.

However, they end up failing when applying it to the market. How come?

Money management is a skill. And, you can master it.

Learn Forex Trading Basics

Above all, trading is managing risk. And, trading the Forex market, means dealing with the most vicious trading environment ever.

Money management and risk management have never been more needed than in trading the Forex market. Our Forex trading training program insists on it and makes it a core part of it.

Our approach combines classic money management techniques with modern ones. Moreover, we integrate them to the Forex market specific conditions.

Above anything, you’ll learn to control yourself. You’ll get to control your impulses: when to go long, when to sit on your hands, why, and so on.

Our approach is logarithmic. We’ll start with easy things, like how to make a profit.

Yes, that’s the simplest part of Forex trading. The tricky part is to make a profit regularly and to know yourself as a trader. To hold to them. Or to avoid making stupid mistakes.

How to Learn Forex with Capital Properties FX Currency Trading Course

Availability is scarce many times and, in periods when we can’t take in new traders, as is often the case, we form a waiting list until a new place becomes available.

Due to high costs, this may not fit every retail trader. We understand that.

As such, we come with multiple solutions, customized to every trader’s situation. Just be honest and present the situation as is. We’ll always meet you halfway.

In time, we’re proud to have educated traders from all corners of the world. And, from all backgrounds, with various experiences.

Some come to us because they’re tired of losing. That’s happening most often.

However, these are the traders that don’t have patience. They look for one setup to make them reach overnight. Hate to disappoint you, but you can’t find it here.

We insist individual trading should stop from the moment one enrolls in our course. It is a three-part course, and until the end, we’ll keep adding to the core principles.

Therefore, it is vital to complete it before putting everything together.

Some other traders come to us because of their job description. Investment houses, family wealth managers, high-net-worth individuals investing on their own, etc., only look for a different approach. They tend to be more disciplined as they know the market beforehand.

In any case, no matter the background, we love training Forex traders as it helps to keep a constant eye on the market. Moreover, it offers a new perspective on human nature and individual traits needed to succeed to beat the market.


Everyone wants to make it in the Forex world. It gives financial independence, and it offers a challenging environment.

If anything, you won’t be bored as no day is like the other. That’s something not valid for any other day-to-day job.

For traders, there’s a catch. Everyone can profit in the market.

That’s not that complicated. All you should do is to choose between two possible directions.

However, when you trade for a living, you need to make it regularly. Day in and day out, month in and month out, the bills will catch up to you.

Don’t treat Forex trading as a hobby. If you do, the Forex trading training on Capital Properties FX is not for you. Forex trading is not a video game. Even though, for many, it seems like.

But, if you’re serious about it, and like changing your life step-by-step, then we have something in common. Again, our approach is unique in every way.

We’ll start showing you a quick way to profit from the market swings. And, for the rest of the program, we’ll update the setups, counting the pips.

As part of that initial step, you’ll learn to embrace losses in the context of the trading game. And, you’ll learn to break-even.

From this moment on, we’ll start building. The Elliott Wave Theory with the historical pattern recognition approach is a logical process.

Understanding this process will end up with understanding the market. Over the six-month course, we’ll have plenty of chances to discuss fundamentals, fixings, brokers, etc.

But, we’re technical traders. Everything else comes secondary.

One thing is for sure: our Forex trading training program will change the way you look at markets. For good!